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That's why I'm fighting the cage idea....I don't know anyone well enough in this city(this is not where I grew up) to allow them to have a key to my place....
So thats why right now, while the bf is at work,(and before I got to work) I'm "gating" off the wire area with extra cubes I have(I'd have to get more to do it properly...but I'm making a make shift one right now) to show the bf it doesn't look as bad as he thinks it will...and will protect his "stuff"...
Just hoping it works....
P.S> My back up plan is to make a pen out of the cubes, and have him in that when we're not home....and back up to the back up....empty out the spare room(flip the bed up against the wall) and confine him to that I really don't want him in a crate...sigh
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