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Oh I've done
Everything of importance has now been lifted up and out of his reach...anything in his reach is basically indistructable or ok for him to play with.
The only thing that isn't, is the cords....which frustrates me...cause when I'm home he doesn't even TRY to go near them...but when I'm not home, they seems to be his favorite toy 8-) lol
Hense why I want to just pen off that cord area(it's all along just one area)...
But I told the bf tho, if he is set on a cage....then it has to be a BIG Thor is just to hyper to shove into a small on, and leave. It's cruel.
Bf said he'd get one that's made for a huge I figure that would be long as Thor doesn't howl....cause the neighbour is a biatch....was almost tempted to tell her to turn down her hearing aid then...haha...altho I'll give the lady props...she came to me about her complaint and not the rental office.(our place is company a company that owns half the apartments in this area).
So I'm just worried if we crate him, he's gonna HOWL all day...and next thing you know, I'll have a notice from rental either get rid of the dog, or saying I'm being evicted.
But like I keep telling the bf, we just gotta get him thru this puppy stage once, then we never have to worry about it again(I dont plan to get another dog, one is enough for cause of the work, just because of the attention part...I don't have time for 2 cats...and some day a baby hopefully).
Once Thor is older, and trained, we should be in the it's not the energy part that's kicking our's the chewing part....sigh.
But ya....only a couple more months( and we'll be good to go!
Lets just hope he doesn't cost TO much in damages til we get there.
As to curtains and such, we ain't got
Bf HATES we have bamboo blinds in all windows...all of which are out of Thor's reach, except the patio doors...which we just open half way, so Thor can look outside....and the cords are up out of his reach to....(We learnt quickly there, cause he LOVES chewing on them..haha!)
But ya, his only thing that he can distroy right now, is the cords....which I'm working on blocking....if the bf agrees....cause it WILL make our place look a little weird/ghetto(like the bf said...haha)...but it'll protect the wires, and Thor...
I just gotta get him thru the puppy stage in one peice and alive, then we're good to go... lol
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