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Oh I'm fighting the crate idea....trying to convince the bf to either just pen off the equipment with wire shelf cube thingys(lol, don't know what they're called officially, and it's what I've used to confine him to the living room/kitchen area.) would only cost about $25 to pen off the tv area. Cheaper then a crate! Or to buy more cubes(same price) using those with the existing cubes and just pen him into the kitchen/dining area.
I just do NOT like the idea of crating a puppy....more so one with the energy Thor he gets his "exercise" when we're not home by running around and playing with Tiki(who LOVES to play with him...Tiki is a cat)....
So we'll see if I can convince him....I'm hoping to god I can.
But he's a TAD upset right now, so I'm letting him "forget" about it a few days, then I'll approach him again with the cube idea.
I told him last night we could pen off the tv area...his reply "No way, that's ghetto" I'll let him "relax" a day or two and approach again.
The bf is just worried that if he chewed thru the ethernet cable, then what is stopping him from attacking the xbox360 cables, ps3 cables, pvr cables, surround sound cables...or even the tv cables...
I understand his worry, puppy half way chewed thru my laptop cable a week or so I just put it up where he doesn't have access to it when I'm not home....but you can't do that with the rest...
But ya...hoping I can just modify the pens....weither it's pen him just into the kitchen/dining area...or penning off the stuff he's not allowed to chew(the electronic cords)....
Cuz I REALLY do NOT want to have to lock him in a crate for hrs....he would go BONKERS. Sigh.
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