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rice puding

Hii everyone, this is a recip with origin from america but curiously tipical in Portugal and no in America! XD

3 waters mug
2 rices mug
2 packs of fat milk
4 limon zaps
a pinch of coarse salt
1,5 sugar mug
a pinch of cinnamon

Put the water, the zaps and the salt in a pan and let the water get in boiling with them.
When is in boiling put the rice and from now on always use the wooden spoon in spiral. Since the rice is becoming dry, it's time to put some milk (it should be lukewarm or warmed anyway). The supposed it's leting half of the pan full that (or a little more), but the more important since you put the milk the burner or the gas noozel (I don't know how to translate it) in the minimum and it must be like that at to the and!
Keep working at 1 or 2 hours and only when you know that is ready put the sugar (don't forget to taste if is sweet just how you liked).
At the end when it is on the iane you allways can decorated with some cinammon (making some funny phrases for example! XD)

Bon apetit!
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