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Oh if it was my house, I wouldn't it's not, it's an essentially if he damages to much, I'll have a pretty big bill when I move out next march....on top of a big bill of having to buy our home then the bf and I plan to buy a home when our lease it up in march next year.
Already told him my musts....all floors, no rugs(I HATE HATE HATE I do it twice a day now...ugh) and a fenced in back yard for Thor...with a doggy door so he can come and go as he pleases...
Right now I have Thor on my left thigh sleeping(well his head anyways, body is on the couch) and I have my cat on the right thigh(well half of her, other half is on the couch)....and I look down, and I think of all the trouble they cause(cats like to break valuable things you look down, and you can only think HOW do you stay mad at that???lol
I love my babies....but man....they're distroying my apartment...and the other cat(Tucker) has distroyed my couch....brand new couch has scratch marks on EVERY arm(it's a sectional) and EVERY corner...and I KNOW it wasn't Tiki(she'd declawed...not my choice, she came to me that way)...Tiki's biggest goof....breaking my FAVORITE the FOURTH shelf on my shelf....cause the 3 empty shelves below weren't enough don't ya
I love them all...but sometimes, they drive me bonkers!!!
But a house is not a home without a pet....or two...or three....haha
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