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Originally Posted by Thor's Pet View Post
that a cage is the only way to save our home from going to crap...
When we bought our house, we didnt want 'new hard wood floors' and all the nice bells and whistles of a new/remodeled home... our friends were wondering why, but we told them 'we are about to get a puppy.... ' puppies will do bad things and get in trouble... one day you will laugh at it, i promise here is our 'house going to crap' story that we laugh at now (but i cried when it actually happened....)

one day when jermy was a pup, we decide he was a big enough of a boy to sleep outside the crate, he was a good boy several nights in a row, and then on saturday night, i guess he decided to entertain himself, he ripped the curtains, and when he was pulling at them he yanked the curtain rods out of the walls together with large chunks of dry wall... we had ripped curtains and big gaping holes in the walls.... that was after we spent the entire previous day finaly installing the rods, shortening and ironing the curtains and hanging it all...

we had to buy new curtains, shorten them, iron them, together with fixing holes in the drywall.... it was brutal... but now we laugh at it -- puppies will be puppies, thats why we love them
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