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Melinda, I know the craving well. The friend we get our hay for the ponies from owns an alpaca stud and has hundreds of them. I refuse to visit, that way I can't weaken and get one. The thing I worry about is that if they can kill a fox ... well, another friend has seen what a good stomping by an alpaca did to one, so I'd be non stop worrying that one of my dogs might fall foul of it. Below are some of the animals he had with him one day when he called in on his way interstate with them.
The only sheep my dogs get to mix with, SamIAm, are any orphan lambs I take on. Cuddles(cattle dog) goes straight into her "Nanny Cuddles " mode and the shelties think they are wonderful. Perkins needs taking down a notch or two, he gets a bit over excited. Strange when he can be so gentle with our indoor cat, and was a total gentleman when anywhere near my Chi'.
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