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As of yesterday and today, he's only had ONE mistake, and that would be when I was in the shower, and "ignoring" that was just a small pee(that was last night) that I can YA Thor!!!(I give him treats(his puppy bones) when I leave the room, and he's good for about 5 it's an improvement!
I'm also guessin he's happy with the 3 kongs(the round one, the teethin one, and a rope and bone one), 5 chew bones, rope toy and another no stuffing stuffed animal toy for dogs that I bought him today...that goes with his other no stuffing toy, lrg raccoon toy(with 13 squeaker points on it), 3 rope toys, 2 chew bones, and one rubber web ball thingy he already
He's been playing NON-STOP today...and not ONCE has even TRIED to chew my rugs! w00t!!!
As well as I was able to have a FULL shower, changing, AND cigerette(I smoke in our guest bathroom, with fan on) and returned without even ONE whine!!!!
I gave him his new toys right before tho...haha.
He LOVES LOVES LOVES his new round kong...he's played with that by the hr today...and I'll admit, I fill it occasionally with his food(he was to busy playing that he forgot to eat during supper
But far so good...
As well, the bf and I gated off the one area he was bad for eliminating that area seems to have worked!(It was also a bad area for his "mistakes" well as threw out the rug he was bad for going on as well)...
So far so good...and what else helped I think, we got to go for a 30 min walk today, as my ankle is about 60% better now...
But ya...I'm gonna keep trying that treat when I leave the room idea...just so he can be comfy and not freak whenever I leave him alone....
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