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Some rams get a lot more girlfriends, Patti ,(some in the photo's are wethers), but I hope he'll be content. I think the ewe in the first photo, named Cheryl, is a noble looking beast with that Border Leicester roman nose, while the second one, 'Baa-bie' is a real favorite of mine. Probably friendlier than many dogs , LOL, she's a real sweetie. Love the lambs too for how inquisitive they are, and despite not being bottle fed, they are now so quiet I have to push and shove my way through them. Big wooly pets.
Erykah, if you get your flock before the Border Collie dies of old age he'll wear himself to a frazzle keeping them bunched up.
Our neighbors have just sold all their 3,000 sheep, and leased all their land for the next 3 years, so that is going to make things interesting. New people working around the area because it went to a number of tenders, not just one, and new stock. I was kicking myself that I didn't go to the sale and see if there was a cheap ram but apparently prices were good. Top price for a ewe was $252. Lambs are bringing around $200 or more still, for the export trade.
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