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if you read the directions on the bitter apple spray it will tell you to do that, if not , like what happened to me, once it dried and it was just the smell left on the wires, my dog happily chewed through them, once I read the directions I realized what I had did wrong, I had to make her associate the smell with the taste, worked like a charm the next day, I agree about freezing the kong, I also freeze the marrow bones, but I'd never leave one with my dog if I'm not around to supervise, I'd be too scared she'd get a piece of the bone broken off and swallow it, while Brina is gnawing on the bone, I'll go over about every 10 minutes, pick it up and check it, it allows me to make sure she hasn't gotten it to the point where she could bite a piece off and it also allows me to show her that I can take from her and I will give it back.
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