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Jealousy and acceptance question

I have a HUGE MONSTER male husky and a sweet cuddle bug smaller husky that seems to crave affection more than the beast (though I cuddle him tons too) My question is, is it all right to allow the small one on the couch while the monster one that clearly wishes he was smaller, not to be?

It's so nice to cuddle with the little one and my heart goes out to her cause she has to fend for herself all day. The monster play fights with her a lot and he would never hurt her on purpose but it is a lot for her to deal with just the same, always being outweighed, so when she wants affection it's hard to resist.

But the monster is WAY TOO HUGE to get on the couch, he would take up the whole thing. But he's incredibly smart and I'm not sure he can just accept it or will hold it against the smaller one. Am I setting her up for his jealousy? Or do you think he can get used to it and sorta not notice...(wince).
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