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I don't give in directly to his pawing....I basically stop what I'm doing, make him go to his bed(A blanket beside the couch on the floor) make him stay for a couple minutes, then I'll grab his toy and tell him "Ok, let's play"...
As to classes and such I plan to join those...there is a "school" not far from my place that does obidience classes, sport classes and such...once my ankle is healed I'll be going there to see how it to exercise....well we have a dog park right across the street from I'm going to be buying one of those extendable leashes(the ones that can do 10-20 feet) and take him there. It's an off leash park, but I don't trust him enough yet to even think of taking him off leash...he has a one track mind...he'll listen only when he wants to...which is usually when I have to be right over him pointing to get him to go in the direction I want him to....
But once he and I graduate obedience classes and I know I can effectively handle him, we'll be going to that park, and I'll let him off leash.
I knew the energy of a jack when I chose him. It fits my life style. I'm always on the go. Weither walking, joggings, sports, average walk/jog is about 2-3 hrs a night.
I just didn't count on spraining the ankle...and I'll admit, Thor is paying the price as well...he and I both don't do well sitting idle.
Right now he's I wore him out today...I had him chasing his toys everywhere....he's caught on pretty quick to fetch...then I make him run circles trying to catch the toys as I sit there, flingin it around me....and that's about all I can do right now, and I feel quilty...he's not use to me being so still...
I truly wish my bf was more he'd take him out...but the bf is, I'll admit it, a couch potato...hense why I got a on my walks/jobs and outings...someone that can actually keep up...and Thor does pretty good...altho I find at his stage now, he only last about half way thru my energy levels and I generally have to cut walks/jobs short...but that's ok, he'll catch up as he grows...which I'm HIGHLY looking forward to.
His energy level isn't my's his chewing...and I understand puppies chew...but
I know a lot of it is cause I sprained my ankle and he went from getting lots of exercise to just what I can do in the house kind of thing...I also understand he gets bored when no one is home to stimulate him, but dang it, does he have to take it out on the poor rugs!?lol
But ya...I know jacks have high energy, it's why I was ok with getting this breed....I just wish, for both his and I's sake that I hadn't sprained my ankle...cause he's paying the price for dog should be bored.
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