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Bf and I talked....
We've decided to leave things as is for now, with slight modifications.
One, we're gonna buy bitter apple and spray all along the baseboards and carpet try discouraging the chewing....I'm gonna go buy handfuls of rubber bones(instead of the 2 he keeps losing somewhere)....and just block off the hallway part where he chews the carpet the most.
We agreed to this because he just has WAY to much energy to be confined to even a 8 by 8 room...
As it is, he'll zoom around the couch(I have a sectional away from the wall) down the hall way(The runs along the kitchen back wall) thru the kitchen, hops over the chairs under the kitchen table, and repeats it again and again with Tiki the's either him chasing Tiki, or Tiki chasing just have SO much fun together! And I can't just stop that. He'd be SO bored. And when he's bored, he finds things to chew...and destroy.
I'm not saying our idea will work...but I'm willing to try it, and if it doesn't, we'll re-evaluate the situation in a week or 2.
As to the missing the pad when he's pissed(cause that is the ONLY time he does!)...well bf and I agreed to go buy a steam every couple of days I'll just steam clean the carpet in the areas he's messed no more stains to get me aggitated.
But ya....fingers crossed!!
Doesn't help lately walks have been shortened to like 10min...due to my sprained ankle. I can only hobble for so long before the pain hurts to bad....I've asked the bf to bring him, but ya....lets not go I just keep getting reminded Thor is MY dog...not his.sigh.
But my ankle is getting maybe once I can do our hr walks again he'll go back to being a good puppy. As he's gotten worse since the walks stopped.
I knew puppies could be bad...but man, a jack takes the cake!!!lol
Just another question there any way, without him howling, that I could get him to be ok with being in another room, away from me, and being ok with it?
Cause if I so much as leave the penned in area, to even go to the bathroom, he howls, craps right at the gate, and just stands there lookin over it(he can't jump that high, yet!lol) howling and whining....til I come back, then he's all kisses and tail wags while I clean up his mess....again...and I was only gone, 2 minutes, max. It's frustrating! I never get to be ALONE. I ALWAYS have puppy attached to me.
Which bluntly, is effecting my love life....cause we'll go to the bedroom, and ya, within 1 min, Thor is howling at the gate, which kinda kills the mood...ya know?
But if we bring him in the bedroom, he's right on the bed with us....which kills the mood to...(It's a mattress on a platform, so he can get on it)
I just want my life back, but with puppy in it, where BOTH sides can be happy and content....ya know what I mean?

As to puppy daycare...been looking into it...and just might...just have to find one within my price I work Retail, so budget can be tight at times(I don't want to empty my savings...those are for emergencies)...also one I can get to easily, as I take bus.
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