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I'm not a fan of crating for hours. My limit is one hour for the age of the pup in months plus one more hour and that's for the day and I will not crate for more than 4 hours. As you do.

What about putting the crate, door open, in a bigger pen? That's what we did. For current pup we gated in the kitchen and it worked fine for us, no damage, but it doesn't work for every pup.

AND, it seems to me usual wisdom decrees that your dog will be quiet if he can't see out the window and get stimulated by goings on outside. However that was not true for any of my dogs and they all are/were much better when allowed access to a window or a least a view. Same thing in the yard too. My sister found the same thing and ended up taking a board off her solid fence so her dog could see who was going by on the street. Once she did that he quieted right down. Good luck.
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