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Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
Free-feeding dry food is the biggest cause of weight gain in cats. If you can persevere with a switch to wet food, she will likely drop the excess weight.
Yup, which I'll admit I did...then I moved in with my bf with my other cat(that he kept when he and I broke up and I moved out)...she was in fit shape again! When it was just him caring for her he had her on "timed" feedings...aka, she'd get half a cup before left for work, and half a cup when he got home....
So he's now in charge of feeding the work at getting Tiki to slim the "Meow, mom I'm hungry" look makes me give that pitiful meow and pout look and I'd feed I just tell her "nope sorry,kris feeds you, not me"...and I walk away...much to her dismay(she'll sometimes follow, pawing at my legs.).
So guess I'll now be re evaluating cat food...sigh...and I just did that not long ago, when I ended up switching them to Taste of the thought I had cats figured out, then concentrated on Thor(puppy)...finally got him figured out...and now I gotta concentrate on cats again.....does this ever end!!???lol
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