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Wet food is better then dry?

On my thread for my puppy(trying to figure out what food is good for him) I was informed that wet food is better then dry. That dry isn't all that good.
I'll admit, my cats have NEVER eaten wet....mainly because one won't even TRY it(she smells it, twitches her tail, and walks away and the other will only do a bite or two, then walk away herself.
So should I try to switch them to wet, or is there another way they can have a "proper" diet, while still on dry food?
I thought I had my cats figured out, and only had to worry about puppy I'm all confused
So inputs?

FYI....I have 2 cats. Tiki is an all black female, that's approx 2yrs old.(She's a stray, she was rescued by a vet, who then found a home for her, with the lady I then got her from)She is a tad overweight. Tucker is a calico female, that is approx 6-7 yrs...she is an SPCA rescue. Her previous owners packed up their apartment,moved and left her behind. She is a healthy/normal weight.
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