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That's just it....if the door is open, he LOVES his crate...he'll spends hrs in there, with his toys, or sleeping....but if you so much as close the door a inch, he is awake and out of there....and won't go back until the door is open 100% and only if you're no where near he knows if you're near it, you can and will shut that door.
I'll admit, his behavior is partly my own fault, the first few days he was here, I babied him something awful(cuddles, constantly holding him, taking him everywhere with me, etc)...and I accept that blame...and I realise I now have to "back track" it...but sometimes it seems like he is WAY smarter then me...cause he can sure outsmart any move I go to make. Which is kinda funny sometimes...but frustrating in others.
I think I'm gonna look into a dog pen(or making my own out of metel cube panels, which the gates are made out of now) and see about just penning him in the dining area....even if that means moving my table into the spare room for now, so he can have more room. The dining area is about 8ft by 8ft. The only thing in there he could chew is the baseboards...but I can "fix" those with a new coat of paint later.
I just hope he'll be ok in a pen, without howling down the place.
He seems to have caught onto the fact if he howls loud enough I'll eventually come and "rescue" I can't afford to have complaints lodged.
So gonna talk to the bf about the pen, and go from there....if he agrees, then I'll go buy it friday(which is payday).
Cause I can only say this....something has to give, and I'm hoping to god it's not the apartment...we can't afford our house yet(we plan to buy a house in spring next yr, when our lease is up)...
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