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Tried that.
He started howling, and wouldn't stop. 4 hrs of howling. He howled so hard he ended up messing himself.
And I didn't just put him in there, and ignore him either...I put him in there, playing with him with the door open, until he settled down, then I put his 3 fav toys in there with him, and shut the door....omg...within 5 min he was howling down the I ignored him for about 15 min, seeing if he'd settle once he knew I wouldn't come went in, sat in the front of the crate, and just calmly talked to him...he wouldn't settle...continued howling. I open the door, he ran out, into my lap, and settled down. So I played with him, to wear him out....them replaced him in the crate. He was good for about 10 min, and started howling again...tried ignoring him...30 min that time...he didn't settle...just howled and howled...went in, talked to him, petted him, tried calming him...etc...NOTHING worked. Only thing that did, letting him out.
I think he has a bit of separation anxiety...he HATES when he can't see you...and totally hates if he can see you, or knows your in the apartment and he can't be WITH you...he'll whine and howl at the gate.
Sometimes I wonder if satan was his dad...hahahaha.
No, seriously, tried crate training, even my vet offered suggestions I tried, and NOTHING works...he's either with you when you're home, or he's howling....if we're not home, then he's ok...which is weird in my opinion, but nice, cause don't need a complaint from the neighbour again, as she threatened to go to the landlord next time, and not me....and I don't want to be evicted or worse, told to give Thor up.
I feel like I'm failing as a dog owner, cause I can't figure out Thor's training way, as I know different things work for different dogs...but NOTHING works with Thor...sigh.
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