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I am so glad she is doing so well. Actually suprised, but just when you think you got her foods figured out she changes. Goofy girl.. We asked her if she wanted to go Bye Bye this morning, Matsi was so full of herself and full of the other too. Wow she was just bouncing off walls, it was so funny. She was going w/ me anyway she just didnt know it. We had to go about 75 miles or so to pick up more Essiac from my Herbalist. We have enout made for 3 months and enough powder for another 3 also.So now all I have to do is make another run in a few weeks to get more Immune stuff. I figured it up , if I kept ordering from the out of state Herbalist is was costing 280.75 monthly. So by going threw my Native sister she doesnt want any thing but we take her down a 40 lb bag of cat food and some cans too for trade, Sence she will not take any money. Boy she is saving us alot.
Well all I can say is wow Matsi sure does have some narley snot from the Essiac and I am loving it up going threw 4 plus cloth rags a day. I believe it is the cancer, we never had Green snot before. Today will is a challange to figure out what she wants , so far I have only found Bacon she will eat. But she will start chowing like crazy about 7 pm. Yea Steaks do sound good, I guess I need to go get me a couple real good ones, Matsi always has a steady supply of her thin ones.
It just seems like when it is cold her nose swells up more and then the side of her jaws do to, But when we had the warm spell she did real good.
You all have been a God send for me , Thank you for talking to me and just letting me ramble. I would like for you to know I am here to if you need a shoulder also.
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