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chico (by the way they are my favourite lollies, so you must be beautiful), i think that all of us here are just georgous, we love animals soo much that makes us all the most beautiful people i know, lucky us (oh and i have heard that swedish girls are prety, but i have never met one so that is movies influence for you). and 44 (aka john, i will call you this now, sounds so spy like,very misterious). steve irwin is great, crazy (every body seems to think us aussies are all crazy, well maybe everybody else but not me ) . his dad did start their work and opened australia zoo and steve is carrying on his good work, there are not many out there who would go to such extremes for an animal species, he is a conservationists hero but my heart often goes out to his lovely wife who must have a real hadful keeping him in check.
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