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Wink Hello, I too am new.....

I have been what I suppose you call a lurker for some time, who has finally grabbed the bull by the horns and voila, here I am.
I am from the St-Lazare, Hudson area in Quebec and am presently loved by one female Bernese Mountain dog (14 months) and 4 cats (all in the 11-12 year range) 1 abby, 1 somalie and 2 siamese (if you please). The cats are most pleased with the Bernese as they have had to deal with an australian shepard prior to this and now in their old age are finding it very pleasant not to be herded!
I have a soft spot for bernese, the very first dog I ever had was one ..... going back to the caveman era (before they were all the rage and people asked me what kind of mix this was) and since then I was loved and owned by an akita, sheltie and aussie.....and of course cats.
Each one is different and each was (is) special and they are the best medicine in the world for what ails....
That is it in a nutshell,
so hello all of you and look forward to some good discussions.
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