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Originally Posted by SamIam View Post
Most people will give a combination of "right" and "wrong" answers,
I'm so glad you put those in "". There is no "right" answer ~ NONE.

There is what works for your dog/cat/hedgehog. And, as all good scientists know, there are actually very few empirical "knowns" ~ when it comes to behaviour, cognition and training of animals or people for that matter. We as a species barely understand how our own brains work physically, let alone how we can communicate with and understand how our companions think and feel.

There is nothing "magical" about training animals folks unless you are have something to gain by it. So lets stop putting this into the realm of Adler and Skinner. This is a pet forum for real people. All your chit-chat (yes I'z being sarcastic ~ surprize!) about P+ and P- is marvey-doo (more of that goll-dang sarcasm...) but not helpful unless I'm interested in becoming an animal behaviourist.

Though I have to admit I did enjoy thinking about the post hoc fallacy thingy.
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