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Originally Posted by akaJenT View Post
like I said, there are mountains of books by credentialed "professionals" claiming that spanking a child only breeds violence.
This is a gross misrepresentation of the facts. When I read something like this, the credibility of the poster plummets to the bottom. What the research indicates is that physical punishment increases the likelihood of violence in the victim. And as we would expect - at least for those who understand evolution - the same is observed in dogs.

I lived 22 years in the mountains and had a dog that ran with a pack.
Since dogs don't run in packs, I am not inclined to believe this claim.

After seeing what they teach kids in public school thanks to our academic elite
Who needs all that ejumacation?

Of course it comes down to credibility. You would be a lot more credible if you weren't using the internet. A tool invented by those academic elites and their twisted ideas.
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