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Originally Posted by akaJenT View Post
Overall leadership program?

Quick question, but lots of them:
Free-fed, meals, or earn-every bite?
Dishes left down when empty or picked up?
Who eats first, you or him?
Where does he eat?
Is he allowed in the dining/food prep/food storage areas?

Where does he sleep?
Is he allowed in the house/certain rooms/on furniture?

Who goes first through a doorway, gate, hall, stairs?
Which part of his body is beside you during a leash-walk?
Who decides when it's playtime/walktime?
Do you play tug? If yes, who wins? Are tug toys left out between games?
Does he fetch? How well?
Do you play rough games like wrestling?

Does he show any resistance to grooming/hugging/restraint?

Do you ever let him sit on your feet?
Sit directly in front of you?
Shove you physically or get you to sidle over to avoid tripping over him?
Demand affection?
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