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(dramatic sigh) lol

As I previously wrote,

With a rescue dog I did nothing but love on it, THAT was the dog that went for the throat of a child with no warning.

With a dog that I had since a pup, I growled in his throat and he got the message there was no negotiation about growling at my infant...and (gasp) he was smart enough to figure out that included actual attacks...

With the incredibly smart monster dog that I have now, it was scarey to try that on him, I agree it was risky (which someone else wisely wrote) but so far it's worked again. As for that being "fear" and not "respect", I disagree again, because he doesn't behave in fear of me at all, but he appears to know his limits (so far)

heh, if I start typing like thjiis, tjhenm we'lkl knooow I placced a badd bet....

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