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I am back , It has been a long few days. We finally got the rest of Matsi's med's. The Essiac she is handling just fine, and the Immune Strengthner is ok, but the 3rd is for her blood and Immune system she isnt taking to well. She has had a messy reaction. I can say she acts like she is feeling good, she is still so frisky and I am just loving it. She is loving it also cause I am always in the floor w/her. So we took her shopping again at Petsmart , she is just like a super snoop when we go , picking out all the stuff she wants. She makes the decision on which one, and I got her a sweater. I have tried making her dog food from scratch but she doesnt like it ( to bland ) so she is just gonna continue to get what I make for dinner. She has a taste pallet unlike these other dogs we have do. Some of my friends are wanting to come over and I will not let them cause they have been sick and thier dogs doesnt get thier shots, they bring thier dogs w/them. I have just had to put a stop to alot of things to keep Matsi safe w/her Immune system, I am so glad they understand. I have been talking to a lady on a yahoo group and her dog has the same cancer as Matsi but I think hers is more advanced cause she said that her dog had real bad violent nose bleeds, we dont. Hers just sounds so violent and she started in 2010 Nov. But when I went back to how long Matsi has had this it takes me back to 07 when the doctors werent listening to me and said it was a worm. I am just so sorry you all and anyone else has to go threw this stuff, but the more and more I read it just seems like it is all envirmental and the chemicals in the food that mostly cause the Cancers. It makes one wonder just what the effects of that stuff will keep doing to us to. It is really kind of scary. I have to go do more meds for Matsi, I am doing them all in intervauls. I am still positive about this treatment .
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