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Benmax, you are in a unque situation, and so what I'd say is apropriate for you to do vs an average owners might be different. I am very pro rescue and see no issue using corrections IF is will save the dogs life. That doesn't mean I think its the best choice or more effective...but if it boils down to "trying" som'thing aversive physically, and euthanizing the dog. I'd use the physical aversive...

Same thing goes for rattlesnake avoidance training, I see no issue using an aversive, correctly, to save the dogs life.

That does not mean that I don't think it can be done with PR. It can. But the average owner can barely teach a sit, so I would not trust them with proofing around a deadly animal. resource guarding...millitntanimist hit up most of the points I would have made. Trading works very well. I had/have? lol a severe resource guarder, who now will bring me the item on cue for an exchange. Happily so. He started showing RG behavior at 5 weeks, which was alarming.

the point I did want to hit on, is (I forget the exact stat so forgive me) som'thing like 80% of dogs that exhibit RG in a shelter situation, that are placed anyway, NEVER show the behavior again....In other words, the stress and anxiety of the shelter is what is causing the behavior...also the stress of being placed can cause it, but its only temporary. Thats why its such a shame you can't get more support from rescues...RG is a common and normal behavior!

My Pit especially is a good example of this. She lived in the shelter a year, was very comfortable (a staff fav) had ZERO RG issues with people/dogs. I adopt her. Two days in she RG'd a kong and subsequently jumped on and attacked my blind/dumb/old pomeranian (who toddled into her space before I could stop her). My fault.

That was three years ago. She never did it again, or anything close to it. I can pour a pile of food on the floor and all the dogs can issues
It was the stress of the wierd people/place/dogs that made her do it.

I do exactly this when I have my own fosters with food issues. I feed by hand only. The basic command that I do instill in the dog is sit, stay and focus on me rather than an empty bowl. The dog soon learns that I am the provider and will deliver when gentle. After a period of time, I will add kibble to the bowl and will invite the dog to approach, sit and then use my hand into the bowl and will feed manually by hand. Then as time passes with this, I will put food in the bowl, invite the dog to the bowl with a very small amount of food, and also feed by hand. Days to weeks later, I will put kibble in the bowl, touch the dog during feeding, ask the dog to back up, sit and then invite him back to the bowl.
Great routine if you have the dog in your home...not so great if dogs are in the shelter.
I see no issues with this Granted you could add steps to that, in theory that would break it down into smaller steps, so the dog could learn faster...most RG protocols do not intro the bowl for a while, thats more towards the last step. Have you read Jean Donaldsons "mine"? Great RG book and it actually has step by step instructions for guarding. I also wrote a long article on it, but its a sticky on my other forum, and I don't think its ok to link to it here
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