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millitntanimist. . I do exactly this when I have my own fosters with food issues. I feed by hand only. The basic command that I do instill in the dog is sit, stay and focus on me rather than an empty bowl. The dog soon learns that I am the provider and will deliver when gentle. After a period of time, I will add kibble to the bowl and will invite the dog to approach, sit and then use my hand into the bowl and will feed manually by hand. Then as time passes with this, I will put food in the bowl, invite the dog to the bowl with a very small amount of food, and also feed by hand. Days to weeks later, I will put kibble in the bowl, touch the dog during feeding, ask the dog to back up, sit and then invite him back to the bowl.
Great routine if you have the dog in your home...not so great if dogs are in the shelter.

Thanks for you input!.

Any other takers? Don't be afraid to knock holes into my method....but I must warn does work.
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