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Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
Yes, but nowadays we have water via a pipeline, and as everyone is saying, the main cost is not the water, it's other charges. We also have a full house dam courtesy of a wet Summer. I think I'd need to pick my spot very carefully - protect them from hot north winds - and keep an eye on them, but then same can be said for the Crinum, also Hippeastrums and Frangipanis I'm growing.
I would love to see photo's of your Salvias. They're great, aren't they? Love the aroma when you just brush against one like Salvia Hot Lips. We would have a similar climate, with California and Victoria (my state) being the two most bushfire prone places on the planet.
Here the city uses 20% of its electricity just to pump water to homes! So they charge a mint for it. I have the best garden on the block IMO and my water bill is almost nothing because of the rain catchment system.

do you collect rainwater? Its been very helpful here

I took pics just a week or so ago...I don't see any salvia in them tho...but you get the idea. I'll make a mental note to get pics of them next time

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