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I have to add in one thing about the way that other dogs correct one another.

A mother dog will correct her pups behaviour by pulling their ear, grabbing and holding a pup's snout ect. This is because she's a dog and she knows her pups, and sometimes a mother dog will accidently kill her pups (I've read about it and heard it).

Dogs communicate the only way they know how, physically. If they could talk it out in complex terms and use devices and such, they probably would correct other dogs in another way. But they can't so they are doing what is natural to them, using the only body parts they can (teeth and body).

We're humans, there's a better way to train and it's been proven to be much more effective. But if you want the "quick fix" then people can jab and poke their dogs, don't go crying and saying "it was out of nowhere!" when he or she finally bites you in defense.
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