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Originally Posted by Rgeurts View Post
I'm so glad to see she is still improving
Nookie no longer has a limp at all! The holistic vet has had him on several herbs and the Recovery SA. He actually has a little muscle definition in his hind legs now, which is something he has never had. He still has a lot of issues, but overall he is doing much better

Did you try the Recovery SA?
I never did try the Recovery SA. Are you still on the regular formula or the extra strength?

I might have to try it with your endorsement! I'm so glad that Nanook is not limping and gaining some muscle back!

I started a product that contains shark cartilage (which the company says is humanely harvested and does not include endangered species) however, this still weighs on my mind when there is such a demand for it, can they really be that sure??? I certainly did see a difference when I started using it but at the same time, if there was something else that worked and didn't contain the shark cartilage, I would switch.
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