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Thank you all for your opinions, suggestions, help, etc. It is very much appreciated! kathryn, I too had never heard of injectible Program flea control, I don't know why the vets don't mention it more often or why it isn't advertised! Another new thing (new to me that is) I found at Pet Supermarket is called Pill Pockets which is a soft treat that is hollow in the middle (think of an olive!) - you put the pill in the middle, squeeze the ends closed and my girl just eats them up! They are awesome and I highly recommend them for a pet that has to take daily pills.
Also, shaving her IS a total option - with her thick fur, she has been shaved at least once a year for her entire life. She is a pretty good girl when she goes to the beauty parlor, but I won't take her until/if she feels better!
Mellie has still not been herself - this morning, she went back under the bed to 'rest' and had a healthy appetite, but I had to bring it to her. Last night, after dinner she did groom herself, which is a good sign, but I am just not seeing any improvement. I called the vet again and he told me to bring her in. After looking at her test results again and going over the reasons why she is not acting herself: age, the blood issue, the medicines, and some type of parasite that is common from ticks, but he (the vet) swears that fleas can carry it too. He prescribed Prednisone to take with the Doxycycline and assured me that she will get better! I told him that I was ready and prepared to do the right thing for her if it was her time to go, and he laughed at me (in a good way)! He told me that because of her age, it takes a little longer to heal, so I should just wait at least two weeks for her blood level to get back to normal. I also have to keep a lookout for tapeworms - we didn't treat for them yet because she is taking so many meds already and wanted to make sure that she had them before treating, so I am now on poop watch!
After we left the vet, I had a talk with Mellie on the way home. I told her that while I didn't mind bringing her room service on occassion, she was going to have to start acting right again and showing a little of her old spark because she was worrying me. I told her that I was all ready to put her to sleep today and start looking for a replacement cat, but the vet talked me out of it!
You know, I think she understood because when I was fixing her dinner, she came to the kitchen to eat! And she is actually laying next to me as I am typing this... YAY! She probably didn't like the part about the replacement cat! She gets very jealous! :-)
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