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Hello, I had a female veiled chameleon that passed away at 5 years of age. Sadly the life of a chameleon is not long. When JD was starting to look old and sick she would not eat, often be near the bottom of her tank, and would sometimes fall. We think she may have had an egg stuck inside of her as well and this could have attributed to her death, but our vet still leans towards old age. As for your little one not gettting crickets on the first try, this can be normal. They do sometimes miss despite their great vision. As for the falling, I would be concerned. Try lowering the branches and climbing areas in his enclosure so if he does fall again no bones will be broken or damage done. I hope this helps a bit and wish I could suggest more. You may want to visit your local petstore or do some research on the net. There are many different webrings on the net with dedicated chameleon owners that would be glad to help you. Good luck
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