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I don't doubt that your methods work, if they didn't, you wouldn't be using them. But I suspect that many methods would work if one is willing to put countless hours into it...hours that many dog owners just don't have because some of us have to work most of the day.

I don't claim to be an authority on dogs but I know a few things about fads, especially in child rearing. One of the biggest fads complete with mountains of books promoting it, is that kids should never be spanked.

I worked 6 years at Mental Health and all the therapists that taught that insane theory had no kids of their own. They also seemed to think all kids start out like a blank page and would react the same. They don't. What works with one kid often doesn't work with another. "No spanking" doesn't work at all and it's proved by the current generations that grew up under that fad. Rebellion has runamuk and countless cities have teachers afraid to teach classes.

I suspect dogs are much the same way. They don't all react the same to the same circumstances. And they ALL would act better if they got consistent interaction often and could easily understand what so many of us are trying to tell them in so many ways.

I think they understand being flipped on their backs and growled at when they misbehave. It's what commonly happens in nature, they easily understand it and remember it and it doesn't hurt them in the slightest.

Of course my sweet little Bell has never needed that, she's always tried to please. Rufio, Gotta get that beast's attention.
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