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Originally Posted by Criosphynx View Post

I personally do not recommend you follow the methods of either of those TV trainers. They are not reality based, and rely on pseudo science that is easily debunked.
Both are teriible. They may impress people with their ability to suppress behavior through force, however when it comes to actually teaching the dogs something they are both incompetent.

As far as Pattison, he once had a Facebook fight on his fan site with a detractor and challenged him to a $10 000 challenge. When the other guy accepted and suggested a CKC obedience trial, he went quiet and deleted the whole discussion.

I've read this books as well and I've found it full of lies and exaggerations. Like these

"the so-called “positive reinforcement” treat-training nonsense that has turned people into doggy vending machines and dogs into potentially lethal weapons."

"Your dog needs to learn that your physical movements can be powerful and that if he gets in the way, he might get hurt"
I guess since I don't use his methods I can actually teach my dogs directional cues( "LEFT RIGHT BACK FORWARD" ) so I didn't have to make them afraid of getting hurt.
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