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Originally Posted by akaJenT View Post
I'm not as familiar with huskies as I'd like to be but I don't think they're known for gentleness.
Siberian Huskies are very well known for being dogs of gentle temperments. They are playful, loving, gentle, family oriented dogs, most are friendly with strangers & while some may be wary of strangers they are not watch dogs.

Sibes are intellegent & fast learners they can be willful during training if they don't see the need to constantly repeat a command they already know. It takes time, patience and a gentle but firm, confident & consistant handler to properly train a Sibe. They need mental as well as physical exercise/stimulation or they may become destructive or escape artists from sheer boredom.

Some info on Sibes here:
Avoid biting when a simple growl will do

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