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Originally Posted by millitntanimist View Post
There are more sides to the story than just Cesar or Brad.
I dislike both because their methods are based on some fairly antiquated pseudo-science of "dog psychology" and their techniques usually involve the heavy use of P+ (or positive punishment) which (again) is a holdover from a bygone era.
I think it's fantastic that you are interested in dog training and that you are doing your research about it first

If you are interested I might suggest a few books from another perspective:

On training

On learning theory

On dog evolution

On dog body language (this one is short and sweet)

Happy reading!


x 10000

and ditto the people thing. Main reason I don't persue it more often is the human factor. Depending on what you teach/offer, you likely wont be teaching "fun stuff" to wonderful willing people who hang on your every word.. whats more likely is you will be repeating the same potty training/loose leash/other simple task speal over and over to dense clients. Client compliance is a huge issue.

I personally do not recommend you follow the methods of either of those TV trainers. They are not reality based, and rely on pseudo science that is easily debunked.
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