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Originally Posted by SamIam View Post
Work on those fleas, have you considered shaving her to help with that? Hope you will soon start to see some improvement.
Oh my dear, not so sure it's a good idea to shave an already sick cat and risk a) stressing her already overstressed system and/or b) nicking the possible cancerous growth on her side and have it possibly spread faster? A good, all around flea killer like Advantage would get rid of the fleas quickly and efficiently.
Has the vet mentioned doing subQs at all if she is dehydrated? They are easy to do. You can be taught quickly how to do it at home so she does not endure the trip to the vets all the time. Adding extra water to her canned food is great. I would try to increase the canned if possible. You could also try her on some raw liver or very lightly zapped in the microwave if she will eat it. Is the Vitamin VitaminB by chance?
Hopefully she will start coming around for you very soon. I know how hard it is to go through this.
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