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Originally Posted by Melinda View Post
can I ask what the reason is for growling into a dogs neck? if I do that to my very very submissive dog she gets all excited and attacks me in play with her back end tucked up and running around like a fool.
If you have a submissive dog, you'll never need to. Mine is a huge husky/rott mix, very alpha and always testing the limits. I'm not as familiar with huskies as I'd like to be but I don't think they're known for gentleness. Rottweilers are GREAT family dogs and I'm hoping he takes after that breed.

I think Rufio might actually try to bite me the next time we have a showdown on whether he gets rinsed off the next time I take him to the bay where he jumps up to his neck in quicksand-type scum that reeks and wears like black tar. Last time I caved after a slight rinse and he just had to stay outside a few days. Next time I plan to put on his harness and rope him off like my friend does with her horse so I can clean him up and let him inside...if I ever take him there again, still not sure. He just loves it so much though.
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