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I am in Burlington, Ontario. He is in a screened enclosure, with a large plant (it is a plant that is safe for chameleons). His age is estimated at 4 years. He has a uv light and a window and I have been monitoring room temperature. He drinks well, twice a day or more when I mist him. What concerns me, is when he is eating crickets or mealworms, it takes him about 4 tounge flicks to capture his prey. His aim seems to be very bad. As well, he doesn't seem very steady on his feet. I have seen him "fall" twice now off the plant. This morning he kinda fell and slid, ending up with his nose pressed into the bottom of his cage, and his body straight up behind him. We tried to pick him up, but he hissed and tried to bite. We realized he was upset and left the room. 10 min later he had righted himself. It is just the fact he seems kind of weak, lacking aim with his feeding, and not too steady on his feet. I am trying to figure out if this is normal or an indicator of a problem. Thanks I will get some pics of him up. He is quite impressive, a blue-green with white spots running down his side...
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