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Brad Pattinson, training methods

I'm aware that I'm a new member and this may already have been a topic previous to me posting, but I was researching and found a similar thread comparing his techniques to Caesar Millan's.

I'm not bias to either one of these trainers, but I notice a lot of people were in favor towards Caesar. My friend's father watches Caesar religiously and he has beautifully trained dogs. However, I am in the middle of reading Brad Pattison's book Unleashed, as I have no real anger towards the way he treats people on his show and still watch it. I think he could express himself more calmly in my opinion, like Caesar does (probably the reason he is favored more), but his point gets across regardless, that it's 99% unlikely that a dog's unruly behaviour is its own fault or doing, and that people should be active and take responsibility for the living creatives they decided to adopt.

I am currently planning on reading both trainers books, though right now I see nothing wrong with the training that is taught in Brad's book. The videos and blogs on the internet claiming he is some animal abuser seem irrelevant to me in my search for proper dog training, since I cannot yet find a reliable source, nor do I care (If true, it's horrible but also off topic in my discussion). His book talks about maintaining alpha status, as I imagine Caesar's does too. And teaches effective ways to train dogs that are on their way to having behaviour problems and stopping them before it's too late.

I honestly do not care which one is better, and I just think people should take responsibility for their pets, and it requires some crazed man yelling in your face about it, then so be it. The animal deserves to have a family that is well educated and takes the time to care for it properly. Which I'm sure both trainers agree on, just maybe one of them is a little deranged and antisocial.

I apologize for the random newbie rant, but I think I needed some kind of vent after reading so many negative posts and I like to express myself. I am considering going into dog training myself, and I will take with me one, both or many more methods with me when I pursue it. If I do try Brad's techniques, the difference will be a calm disposition like Caesar's. Hopefully it creates some sort of happy medium. The only thing that matters is the dog's happiness though, no matter what.
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