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I don't really have a problem with not using treats for training. Working with horses using treats can cause more problems then it is worth and I know of some people who have paid the price by losing a finger. There are probably dogs out there that can develop the tendancy to bite looking for treats. I pretty much always carry some in my pockets for really important rewards but quite often I put it on the ground even though she is polite in taking treats. I've been working every day on walking in circles, squares and figure 8's teaching her to heel better. I don't think I've been paying attention enough for one while walking on leash and need to be more consistant and firm in short sessions. Part of the problem has been winter, it was very hard to walk on the side of the road on ice and snow. Turning and walking in circles not so easy on ice. Now I have nice roadsides and it is light enough to go for longer walks after work. As soon as we see a cat or other dogs tied up and her attention wanders we do circles until she is doing it correctly. I'm sure the neighbours think I'm nuts. Her reward is a nice off leash run through the fields and woods and she is understanding the quicker she walks nicely the sooner we get to have a run back the farm lane. As for our next class I think we will try again only my sister is going to take her this week and I will watch. She came with me for the first class to watch and has offered to handle Chloe for the next class. I think we will try to not be next to Frank this time. I thought that the instuctor should not have put me next to a dog that had the same issues as mine. He told me to keep my distance because the dogs had the same problems. I'm not a small person by any means and am used to dealing with 1200lb horses but a 100lb dog can be as strong as a person 3 times that weight. So we will try another class and hope she settles down and we start to get the behaviour modification I've been working so hard on. I do feel I have gained some good tips and insight from the trainer and I have to repect his methods are what he believes in and will take the ideas that work for me and my dog and ignore what I'm uncomfortable with. He is a former police dog trainer. My neighbour raises border collies and has offered for me to come to her farm to work on both our dogs together since she has one the same age and with similiar reaction around other dogs. I may take her up on it - she doesn't care if I use a halti and we can work at our own pace without causing an issue in a class setting. I will keep you posted and appreciate the advice and comments - keep them coming!
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