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I haven't had to deal with parvo, fortunately, but one of my pups has had numerous issues with gi upset/vomiting/diarrhea etc. We see both western and holistic vets. The holisitic vet suggested ginger root tea. You boil the raw root for a few minutes, let it cool and give a teaspoon every 15 minutes for an hour. If he needs more, you can give it every 15 for minutes for a couple of hours. It did help ours with the nausea. Another thing they had us use is Sulcrate suspension. You give it at least one hour prior to eating or taking any medication (and at least one hour after medication). It coats the stomach and was sometimes the only way we could get him to eat. I don't know if that can be given with the parvo, but maybe ask your vet.

Good luck to you and the little one!
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