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Thanks hazel, mummm and L4H last night went much better than the last week. He did only eat one meal but at least he seemed to enjoy that one meal. He doesn't empty the bowl in one sitting now but at least he finishes it all. Last night he wanted to go out after eating a few mouth fulls, then after he'd eaten about 1/2 the bowl. After going out the second time he went to bed without finishing his food. So later when I went to sit in front of the TV I took his food with me and he ate the rest of it. Then he didn't ask to go out again until it was time for bed.

I omitted the Uba Vet, and the new Holistic Blend natural vitamin & mineral liquid which has Barley Grass, Dried Seaweed (19 Different Types) Chlorophyll, Citrus Bioflavinoids, Apple Pectin, Trace Minerals, and Vitamin B Complex in it. I think it may be this supplement that is causing his digestive problems because it was after I started this that he wanted to go out so many times during a meal. I'll add the Uba Vet back in today and see what happens, it's possible that may be the problem according to what I've read.

@mummummum I haven't tried psyllium caps with him because of his reaction to the other herbs and supplements I was using when I first decided on the diet I would give him. I think it is more likely that something I'm adding to his meal, is causing the problem. Because of his weak back end, I am praying it's not the metacam or UbaVet (glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM).

This morning he was bright and smiling, behaving normally. After I looked over his belly last night I noticed a few slightly elevated blue-black spots on his skin which I think are probably hematomas, evidence of where he's had the bleeds and the lump in the middle of his abdomen has a few more small blue-black spots on it and it is slightly larger. It is no longer all pink, the way it was before he was diagnosed. But he seems to be doing ok, definitely holding his own and much better than last week.

@hazel I expect you are right, because I also found it tiring having someone around 24/7 when I'm not used to it. My friend is a cat person, but is not totally comfortable with dogs and he may have picked up on that too.

Thanks again everyone for all your thoughts and prayers, they have definitely made a difference in his life and mine.
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