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Question Treating Parvo Puppy

I have a foster puppy, 2-3 month old that I am treating for Parvo, I am working with a vet. On day 6 he started to be able to keep down some Pedialite, today, day 7, I have started giving him tiny amounts of chicken baby food also (as the vet recommended). He is still throwing up, about every 6 hours, despite Famotidine injections twice daily. He is also on antibiotic injections and sub Q fluids. My question is if anybody has additional suggestions on how to help with the nausea, supplements, homeopathic, nutritional suggestions, etc. We are also having trouble keeping his blood sugar up, due to the sub Q fluids, and using nutri-cal gel for that. My vet is open to ideas, but not well educated in alternative treatments.

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