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Thanks for the good wishes Scottiedog I know now that last week must have thrown him off but I also think he probably had another bleed because he was so tired and lethargic.

I know what you mean when you talk about Tipper's beard, it is hard to see Raggs all scruffy, but I think that's the way he likes it. In the last couple of weeks he has had a silly grin on his face at times, and he makes me laugh all over again. He was always smiling before but at times now the smile is replaced by his silly grin. It makes me realize he's not in pain, and he's still enjoying life with the cats at times. He hasn't been as vocal with them this past week, but today he was "yelling" at Sam and Smokey. I think I will discourage my friend from staying here for awhile because I honestly think now that something we did while she was here, put him off. It likely was the fact he couldn't lie in his usual place and instead of lying somewhere else, he just went to bed. He's not that strong right now, but he's definitely better than he was yesterday.

Thanks again for being there for us
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