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Originally Posted by SamIam View Post
Alright exkalibur, let me tell you something about snow.
I have baby birdies and they are hungry. Turn on the tap to mix up their food, and nothing but a slight hiss. The mains are so old here, this is about the millionth time this winter it's been shut off. So wonderful clean fresh snow and I am trying to be grateful for it as I investigate the proper microwave setting to turn one big scoop of snow into hot water.

I can't wait for my daffodils. Seems so far away yet. My marigolds are an X8 pack. Can't find a list of what year that code refers to. Most of my new ones are A1.
jeez where abouts are you? remind me NOT to come there until atleast ummmm July.. We've got tulips peaking through so far and kinda greenish tinted mud...i mean grass..
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