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I'm so glad to hear that today is a better day. Sounds like Raggs still has some strength and lots more love to give. I wanted to send you good wishes yesterday because I knew the significance of the day--3 months.

I know it bothers you to not be able to brush him and keep his coat shiny and glossy, but Raggs doesn't want that stress. After Tipper got sick, I had to syringe-feed her and her little Scottie beard was so matted and tangled. Tipper hated the brush so much. I just resigned myself that I would have to cut her precious beard off. But, she took a turn for the worse.... The day I let her go, I felt so bad sending her off to the Bridge with a matted, tangled coat, shaved belly and paws due to the ultrasound and IVs she needed. But in my heart, I knew that she was restored to all her beauty. And, today it is that beauty I see when I think of her, not the broken body ravaged by her disease and treatments.

You do know that you are an angel on Earth and Raggs will always be with you. Keeping you both in my prayers.
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