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You can't plant till the end of May, Hazel! That seems like forever, even to me.(who has some garden) Laughed @ your mouldy green thumb. Don't forget you are probably growing all the lovely perennial wildflowers that I am currently spending a fortune on. And daylilies coming up , that's really something to celebrate. I love them. I have self sown sweet peas coming up everywhere in the garden, do you think frosts will bowl them? Maybe I don't need to weed them out. (How lazy is that?)
Exkalibur, I get the shivers just hearing about your snow. Thought you may be interested to hear that my sister, after losing their second GSD and saying she couldn't go through that again, has been searching for another one. As I knew she would. A girlfriend up the road bought one recently so I sent her photo's, aren't I wicked? LOL.
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