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Well we have now arrived at March 21st - 3 months plus a day since Raggs was given his diagnosis. Happily he did perk up last night finally, and after finishing his food at midnight wanted more. So after going outside twice I gave him the liver, beef and rice, but he only ate the meat, no rice and then lay down beside me. He made no move to go outside again until it was bedtime at 2am and when he came in he went to his bed.

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Stay strong mf. You are an exemplary mom.
Thanks 14+

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Awwww, could the shedding just be from the time of year it is?
Maybe he is just pooped from having company around?
I was wondering about that plus the fact we were occupying the space he normally lies in when watching TV while my friend was here. I thought that might have caused him to lie in his bed where he's comfortable until she left. Last spring his shedding was nothing like this years, and it may be because he's sick. He's shedding chunks of fur from everywhere and the fact he won't let me brush him properly makes me feel guilty, but he's happy LOL

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dbg I've been following Raggs story just like I followed Pepper's, he will tell you when the time is right, try not to miss the signs
If it were me and he still has his dignity then I would hold off for now and continue taking it one day at a time.
Yes I know you are right, I was just hoping he would get up like he usually does but he spent his entire days and nights in bed. He was also very shaky on the stairs going down to the door so I wondered if it was time. He was still smiling and seemed happy but was hard to wake up at times. I intend to hold off for now and take it one day at a time and I expect when he is ready he will stop eating.

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I was reading about Metacam and it says that it can cause diarrhea. Perhaps you could check with your Vet to see if there is another pain med that would do the trick.
Yes I am aware that diarrhea is one of the side effects, but we tried all the others before moving to metacam and all of them caused both vomiting and diarrhea until we started the metacam. I missed today's metacam dose and will watch to see what happens.

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I agree with that as well and also about the Metacam. Sending lots more for you and Raggs.
Thanks Rainbow

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Illness can definitely cause a dog to blow its coat, dbg--combined with spring, I suspect that's all that's going on with Raggs' fur. And having company can be exhausting!! So that could explain his lethargy, too. If that's all it is, then he should be feeling a bit more energetic in a day or two.
I suspect that his molt is because of his illness but I can imagine it is taking a lot out of him. Our previous dogs seemed to be exhausted if they had a large loss of hair, which each did when they were sick. I am just remembering this now.

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What does Raggs do when he goes out so many times after his morning meal? Could he just be feeling a little more energetic and wanting to be outside that time of day?
Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers, as always!
He goes out and wants back in immediately after he pees and seems to pee a lot right after he eats. I guess it's possible that he's not emptying his bladder each time. He doesn't stay out long enough for anything else. During the winter when the snow was on the ground he'd stay out for long periods just to lie in the snow. He loved that weather.

Today was a much better day He came out to visit first thing this morning and started asking for food at his regular time. He seems much happier and active today so maybe it was having an extra person around that caused him to lie in his bed. Just the difference in his regular routine may have upset him I guess. Weird because I've always found him to love having people around. Thanks everyone, for your support and caring ways I believe it is you that have kept him alive for all this time and I hope to have a few more days/weeks/months with him
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